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An Experienced Crafter, Wood Carver, Artist, Glass Etcher

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Mark Alcorn of Wood Shaving Creation  believes his gift is making wood shavings and the art that is produced is from God.

I lose my self when I am carving more than any other medium I do. I start the carving with a simple idea of what I want to carve ,but as time goes on I lose my self and I let God take over as the artist . Every carving has never come out to my original idea . When I make a mistake my Father takes over and the mistake I made no longer is part of the carving but has been transformed into the sculpture that he created. 

Everyone has a story to tell. For me this is a new chapter in my story. I started carving when I was 51 years old and now I am carving out a new chapter  of utilizing God's talents of art and teaching others how to loss weight, as a  health coaching and utilizing God's talents . 

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