Mark Alcorn, East Peoria Il.

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Mark Alcorn of Art Woodshaving Creation  believes he makes the wood shavings and God creates the art.   He attributes this gift to create to God.  My soul and heart are at peace when I am carving and creating.  I start with a simple idea of what I want to carve.  As time goes on,  God takes over as the artist.  There isn't one carving I have created that has ended up as I  originally planned.  When I make a mistake,  my Father takes over and something beautiful is created.  

Everyone has a story to tell.  This is a new chapter in my story.  I started carving when I was 51 years old.  I am carving a new chapter  out of my life utilizing the talents God has granted me.   As I start this new chapter in my life, I am also using talents I have been granted to help others transform their lives physically, mentally, and financially. 

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